When a company has no formal process I place, it is often difficult for management and staff to be recognised within their team or the company as a whole. Giving recognition when it is due for employees who have gone the extra mile as a necessity to boosting morale within the workforce and a great way to build and motivate an employee culture of diligence. Employees can Appraise and submit for individuals or teams for a collective effort. Appraisals are displayed on all employees’ dashboards allowing everyone to recognise their performance with a Comment or a Like.



HR has the ability to review all Appraisal submissions to ensure they meet the Appraisal criteria of the company. Any Appraisal submission that does not meet the standard can be declined, and HR can post an Appraisal feedback comment with the reason. (Refer to Moderation for more info.)
Appraisals includes several customisable email templates, as well as the default system email templates that have already been setup. The Moderation Email template is to notify the Moderator (HR) of an Appraisal that requires approval. An Approval Email Templates is sent to the Appraiser to notify them that their submission has been approved, and to the Appraisee to advise them of the Appraisal. A Decline Email Template is only sent to the Appraiser and notifies them as to why their Appraisal submission has been declined. (Refer to Email Templates for more info.)
Set the default amount of Points / Credits that are automatically assigned to the Appraisee on approval. The Moderator may also change the Points / Credits on a specific Appraisal should they find the submission has more (or less) value than the default Points / Credits. (Refer to Points / Credits for more info.)
Social Actions allows employees to congratulate and recognise their colleagues using the social actions. These include Likes, Favourites, Comments and Shares. (Refer to Social Actions for more info.)
Custom Appraisal Badges can be assigned to employees and linked to various categories that the company has setup. The Appraisal Badge is automatically awarded to the Appraisee on approval of their appraisal. (Refer to Achievements for more info. Please note that the Achievements Addon is required to be activated in order to use this feature.)
Up-Coming Service Anniversaries are displayed as a list on the Dashboard, thus allowing employees to prepare in advance for a celebration to honour the Service Anniversary of an associate on the actual day.

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