Companies that value the well-being of their employees, that can acknowledge and recognize them, can also build a work culture that increases productivity, retains employees, and pushes through limitations together. Rewards is the perfect way to recognize employees’ efforts instantly, which in turn can motivate them to be more efficient and productive. 

The company decides on the Rewards and the amount of Credits required to redeem the reward. Credits can be assigned to all or specific activities that are completed on the platform. The company also decides the frequency of how often an employee can redeem the same reward, thereby giving everyone a chance should there be limited stock. 

The Social Wiiv Rewards platform is similar to an e-Commerce system. When the Rewards have been loaded, the system will automatically take care of distributing and managing the availability of those rewards. We have created an example list of Rewards to assist in guiding you on what may appeal to your employees and / or your budget, there is a list of non-monetary rewards as well.



Employee Rewards are easily managed; add a Reward, create a Title, Custom Image, and specify the amount of Credits required to redeem a Reward and specify the quantity of stock available. The system will automatically manage the number of rewards available as employees redeem the Reward. When a Reward has been fully claimed, it will automatically be removed from the system. (Refer to Points / Credits for more info.
If you have limited stock for a specific Reward, the Company can setup a Claim Interval period, which in turn gives all employees a fair chance to earn the Reward. In addition, a specific Reward can be limited to being claimed once off, or once a week/month/year.
Target Rewards to specific teams or branches, or User Level, thus ensuring that Rewards are only accessible when an employee reaches a certain level. (Refer to Targeting for more info.)
When a Reward is electronic in nature e.g. an eBook, the Email delivery method is used to deliver the Reward. It can also be used to attach a How to Claim Reward PDF document for the user to print out with the instructions, when they claim that specific Reward.
The Courier delivery method is used for Reward items that will be delivered to an employee’s home address. The system will request the employee to supply their preferred delivery address when claiming that specific Reward. An email is automatically sent to the Moderator and they can update the status of the Reward and add the tracking number once the Reward has been collected by the courier.
The Voucher reward type is used if you purchase a number of Vouchers codes linked to a discount or cash value at a specific retailer. You can upload an Excel spreadsheet of all the voucher codes and it will automatically calculate how many vouchers are available. When an Employee redeems a Voucher reward the Employee is sent an email with the Voucher code taken from the list of vouchers that you uploaded and automatically adjusts the quantity of voucher available.
The Collection delivery Reward method is used when an employee or user is required to collect the Reward from a specific location or branch. This requires a Moderator to manage, when the employee or user has collected their Reward claim they must advise the Moderator, who will update the Reward on the system.
Customise all Email templates, Reward Claims, Moderation, Reward status, update and more. (Refer to Email Email Templates for more info.) Visit the feature for more info.
Comprehensive stats of all Rewards Claims, in graph format can be filtered by Team, Branch or Date Range. Data can be exported into an Excel format to be used for other reporting purposes. (Refer to Stats for more info.)

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