Banner Ads

Banner Ads


Banners are a great way to visually communicate to your employees and get their attention. The Targeting system allows you to display Banners to relevant employees, so different communications can be targeted to various teams, or branches. Banners can be linked to any internal page on the platform, or to an external website. Advanced Tracking gives a full report of who clicked on which Banner and at what time.



There are there various types of Banner ad formats; a singular static Banner – uploaded as a static image in .jpeg format, Carousel Banner - upload up to 6 static images in .jpeg format, and Animated Banner - using a singular image in .Gif format
There are two Banner placements on the site, being Top Banner and Right Banner. These Banners are fully responsive to any device including mobile.
Banners can be targeted to display throughout the website (platform) or only on specific pages. They can be targeted by Team, Branch, Location, Age, and more. (Refer to Targeting for more info.)
You can schedule the Banner to display on a specific day and time, every week or multiple days for a specific time period. Example: a Banner can be scheduled to display on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8am till 10am up until a specified date.
Comprehensive stats of all Banner clicks can be displayed in a graph format, and can be filtered by Team, Branch or Date Range. Data can be exported into an Excel format to be used for other reporting purposes. (Refer to Stats for more info.)

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Carousel Banner

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