Sometimes you require a quicker feedback from employees, using polls is an easy way to ask your employees for instant feedback on just about anything.

Gathering feedback and ideas from your employees is an invaluable resource to help in understanding workplace dynamics, determining levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, determining if there are any training requirements, as well as discovering if your company’s objectives are being clearly communicated by managers.



Setup and create as many poll options as you like, restrict the employee to select only 1 answer or more than one option.
Automatically sort the display the poll options in the order created or selecting one of the following options: randomised, alphabetical, filp (Reverse order). You can force the last choice not be randomised if you have Other as an option.
Export the live Poll results in excel format, that includes all employee selections to the Poll options.
Increase participation by rewarding your employees with Points / Credits for completing the Poll. Visit the Points / Credits feature for more info.
Target the Poll to all employees or only to specified employees where it is relevant. Visit the Targeting Feature for more info.
Comprehensive stats of all Polls in graph format, as well as export the stats that include who answered which Poll and when. Visit the Stats feature for more info.

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