Employee Document Management provides an easily accessible storage and filing system, defining who can view sensitive documents and the period of accessibility, including Compliance, Security, Induction, Policies and Onboarding documents.



Create Categories, Sub-categories and upload Category folder images. Documents can also have their own related thumbnail images. (Refer to Categories for more info.)
Target Documents to relevant employees, teams or branches and much more. (Refer to Targeting for more info.)
Incentivise the downloading of important Documents by specifying the Points / Credits for each download. (Refer to Points / Credits for more info.)
Employee Document collaboration allows users to comment or ask questions regarding a specific Document. (Refer to Social Actions for more info.)
Any large organisation where multiple users are creating and uploading Documents, can be well managed with Content Moderation. A Moderation process can be setup to ensure that Moderators can assess the Documents prior to their being published to employees. (Refer to Content Moderation for more info.)
Comprehensive tracking of Documents that have been downloaded, can provide that time of download and user information and can be exported in an Excel format. This information can be used to chart various trends that the company wishes to use to analyse employee behaviour. (Refer to Stats for more info.)

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