Photographs tell a story worth a thousand words and are just as important in the business world as they are for sharing personal experiences.

Incorporating a photo gallery onto your company platform is a simple setup process and our Drag & Drop Photo Gallery makes it even easier to upload photos to Galleries.



Getting your Gallery setup is so easy with our Drag & Drop. In addition, it allows you to select up to 10 (ten) images at a time which substantially reduces the time when uploading multiple images. Maintaining the order of your photographs can be simply done by using the same design feature of Dragging & Dropping.
Set up your Photo Galleries by creating Categories and Sub-Categories to ensure that all your photographs are easy to find.
Reward employees with Points / Credits for viewing a Gallery album that is required for their team, branch or department. (Refer to Points / Credits for more info.)
Targeting can be used to ensure that a Gallery can be available to all employees, or specified employees in a team, branch or department where it is relevant. (Refer to Targeting for more info.)
Comprehensive Stats of all Gallery views are available and can be exported into an Excel format. (Refer to Stats for more info.)

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