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Articles allows a company to keep their employees up to date with relevant company news, articles and press releases. Articles can be targeted to the relevant Team/s, Branch/s, or User/s for information pertaining to them. Targeting relevant Articles avoids cluttering, thereby encouraging a higher level of participation and response from employees. Tracking and Rewards, incentivises employees to read and engage with Articles, and aid participation in climbing the Leaderboard to earn recognition from their fellow employees.



Creating an Article has never been easier! Either insert the URL of an online article and “GET” the information directly from the website without having to “copy & paste”, or use the Social Wiiv content editor (no HTML knowledge or programming required). Change font size, colours, style and insert images into the content as easy as using MS Word. (Refer to the Content Editor & Media Centre feature for more info.)
Incorporate gamification into your Announcements by assigning Points / Credits for reading general company Announcements, this allows all employees the opportunity to gain Points toward making their way up the Leaderboard. (Refer to the Points / Credits Feature for more info.)
Activate and customise the Social Actions; including Likes, Dislikes, Favourites, Comments and Shares. Set default Social Actions for all company Announcements, as well as customising Social Actions for an individual Article. (Refer to the Social Actions feature for more info.)
Plan and Schedule Articles in order to be published on the correct date and at the relevant time. Many Articles can be set to be published over a set time periods so as to avoid publishing them all at once.
Articles can be targeted to the relevant Team/s, Branch/s, or User/s for information pertaining to them. (Refer to the Targeting Feature for more info.)
Large organisations who have an in-house content writing team to maintain corporate policies, announcements, etc. can setup Users as Content Creators. Content Creators have the ability to create content, however it requires the approval from a Content Moderator or Administrator prior to publishing. (Refer to the Content Moderation Feature for more info.)
A full Audit Trail is maintained for all Content; review who created, edited or moderated the Announcement. (Refer to the Audit Trail feature for more info.)
Access Realtime Article Stats, in a graph that displays daily unique Article Read Receipts. Filters can be set for; Article Title, Branch, Team and Date Range and all data can be exported in Excel format. (Refer to the Stats feature for more info.)

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