Employee surveys are a great way to improve employee engagement and overall business performance by understanding the way your employees think about your company’s processes, ethics, and mission. Boost employee engagement, as workers will feel more integrated with the company and have a sense of responsibility. Giving your employees a sense of meaning and purpose in your company, which can drastically improve performance and engagement when their voice is being heard.



Create a survey using multiple question types answers, Text field for short answers, Paragraph box for long answers, Date selection for easy date selection, Checkbox selection allows the employee to select more than one option, Dropdown selection or Radio buttons for single answer submissions.
Export the live survey results in excel format, that includes all employee answers to the questions.
Increase participation by rewarding your employees with Points / Credits for completing the Survey. Visit the Points / Credits feature for more info.
Target your surveys to all employees or only to specified employees where it is relevant. Visit the Targeting Feature for more info.
Comprehensive stats of all surveys, in graph format, as well as export the stats that include who answered which survey and when. Visit the Stats feature for more info.

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