Surveys are an important way to understand the way your employees think about your company’s processes, ethics, and mission. It is also a necessary tool that can be used to improve employee engagement and overall business performance. Employee’s will form a better sense of responsibility, as well as feeling more integrated within their teams, branches, departments and the company in general. Surveys is an avenue for companies to ascertain the employees’ voice relative to what meaning and purpose they expect, or can suggest, towards improving their performance.



Surveys can be created using a variety of methods: Multiple questions, Text input field for short answers, Paragraph boxes for longer ones, Date selection, Checkbox selection (has the ability to select more than one option), Dropdown selection and Radio buttons for single answer submissions.
Export the live Survey results into an Excel format for easier result viewing, as it includes all employees’ answers.
Ensure all employees participation by rewarding them with Points / Credits for completing the Survey. (Refer to Points / Credits for more info.)
Target your Surveys to all employees, or specific employees in a team, branch or department where relevant. (Refer to Targeting for more info.)
Comprehensive stats for all Surveys can be presented in a graph format. Exported Survey data includes who answered which Survey and when. (Refer to Stats for more info.)

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