Service Anniversary

Service Anniversary



Acknowledge and recognise your employees for their years of service and devotion to your company. Allow all employees to congratulate them and express their appreciation to the fellow employee.



Allow employees to congratulate and celetebrate the Service Anniversary of another employee using the social actions Like, Dislike, Favourite, Comment and Share. Visit Social Actions feature for more info.
Customise you own Service Anniversary that automatically gets sent to the employee on the day of their service Anniversary. Visit Email Templates feature for more info.
Activate and customise the social actions, these include Like, Dislike, Favourite, Comment and Share. You can set the default social actions for all Announcements as well as customise the social actions on an individual Article. Visit Social Actions feature for more info.
Plan and schedule Articles in so they get published at the right time that is more relevant and if you have too many articles, you could stager the release of the articles over a few days instead of publishing them all at once.
Assign a custom Service Anniversary Badge linked to the number of Service Years, the Badge is automatically awarded to the Employee on the date of their Service Anniversary. Visit Achievements feature for more info.
Display a list of Up Coming Service Anniversaries on the Dashboard, let employees prepare in advance a special celebration of honouring the Employees Service Anniversary on the day.

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