Social Wiiv 30 Day Free Trial - Terms and Conditions

The Social Wiiv 30 Day Free Trial promotional offer is valid up until the 15th December 2020.
No more 30 Day Free Trial promotional applications will be accepted after the 15th December 2020.
The 30 Free Trial starts from the day you receive login details to your Social Wiiv account and will expire 30 Days thereafter.
The Free Trial includes the following Addon services:
•    Announcements
•    Articles
•    Birthdays
•    External Links
•    Messaging
•    Polls
•    Posts (Social Timeline)
•    Profile Completeness
•    Profiles
•    Any other Addon can be activated on request at the clients’ own cost.
Included in the service is a sub domain of
We will also assist with Logo resizing and assist with the setup of from email address (Client must provide us with the SMTP details of an email address they wish to add – Email address is not hosted and managed by the client)
Other services that are not included but can be requested at the client’s own cost are:
•    Setup & Installation of a custom domain URL = R 500 (Once off) – Client must own the domain and have access to edit the DNS before requesting this service.
•    Dedicated IP Address = R 1000 (per annum) – Required with a Custom Domain
•    SSL certificate = R 1000 (Per annum) – Required with a Custom Domain
•    Setup CSS and Fonts according to Company CI = R3500 (Once Off)
•    Design and HTML code of Custom Email Template = R2500 (Per Template)
•    Banner Design = R850 per banner / Animated Gif R1500 per banner

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