What is Social Media Rewards?

Social Wiiv rewards users for interacting with a brand's social media and digital content as well as rewarding people for other digital behaviour that may not be linked to social media, for example: Purchasing in an e-commerce store or answering a custom survey. Users can trade these points in for tangible or digital rewards depending on the nature of the brand. Social Wiiv is a world's first social media rewards and research tool. The software was developed 100% in South Africa and it is a real feat for local app and web-based development. So far, the clients that have used Social Wiiv have seen engagement increases across all channels of up to 600%. The reason for this success is that it increases organic growth and reach, as users are incentivised to be ambassadors for brands and share their social content.


A user will join the rewards platform and sign up using a contact form which captures the users details and prompts them to sign up for email and sms communication.


The user will then be able engage with all the social media platforms of the brand. The social media channels are all aggregated into one social feed making the experience convenient and easy to participate.


The user will be rewarded for all the action that they do within the rewards platform. This ranges from sharing Facebook posts, retweeting Twitter posts, watching Youtube videos and even custom modules like answering surveys and polls.


Once the user has accumulated enough points to redeem a prize, they can simply cash out their points to get access to their reward. Prizes can vary from digital vouchers to physical rewards.


Facebook's organic reach now almost at zero, this means that if you post a post on your timeline as a brand, nobody will see your content unless you pay for it. The days of measuring social media performance based on how many likes you have is over. Now it's all about engagement and reaching as much of your existing audience as possible. This is why social media rewards is important for your brand, the system incentivises your current fans to engage with your brand and drive engagement, through increased engagement the organic reach of your brand page will increase and therefore increase the return on investment in the social space.


Social Wiiv has achieved impressive results for our clients with increased performances across the board, most importantly, the engagement is the most significant increase, meaning brands are talking to more and more of their customers and fans.



Social Wiiv has many features which go far beyond just social media, it is a comprehensive online marketing solution which includes some of the key components of most online marketing strategies.

Social Media Aggregation

Social Wiiv aggregates all your social media channels into one feed. This means that you can benefit from users sharing content from all your channels and not just Facebook. It also saves on marketing budget as you only have to direct people to one destination and not have to spend budget directing people to all the brand’s social channels individually. Brands can also grow their social channels which might not be as popular as their Facebook page.

Own your consumer data

Brands spend thousands on promoting their social channels and they don’t even own their consumer data. Social Wiiv gives power back to brands by letting them own their consumer data. Every time a user signs up to your rewards program it captures their information and asks them for permission to have access to their information, this means you can successfully build a consumer database with Social Wiiv.

Comprehensive Stats and Reporting

Brands have access to a full back-end system where they can access comprehensive statistics including: User demographics, devices, geographical location, engagement statistics, social platform performances, most engaged users and many more.

Social Surveys

We have many custom modules for the social rewards platform and one of the most popular modules is consumer surveys. Ask your audience questions and reward them for answering. For the first time ever, brands can get real research and insights from their social audiences in a controlled environment. Brands can really benefit by having thousands of consumers at their fingertips for conducting research.

In-store Voucher Integration

Social Wiiv has intgerated into the point-of-sale systems of most of the popular retailers in South Africa. This means that brands can reward users with digital coupons to go and get discounts when they go and purchase a product in-store. With this solution you can close the loop between social engagement and actual purchase – A true measurement of social ROI.

Comprehensive CRM Platform

Social Wiiv doubles up as a CRM solution which manages and stores consumer data for effective email and sms communication (for those users who give permission to receive it). Using Social Wiiv is a really great way to build a consumer database which can be used in many different ways to benefit the brand.

How do you access the platform?

1. Facebook Tab

Being a social rewards platform, we want people to be able to access the platform while they are  within their social environment, this means that people can access a brands social rewards platform via a tab underneath the cover photo on the brand’s Facebook page.

2. Mobile

The software is fully responsive and works very well across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. The software will detect what device you are using and if you are using a mobile device, the software will immediately direct you to a mobi-site so you have full functionality of the app as Facebook apps do not work on mobile.

3. Website

The software can be stand-alone or in an iframe within another site, this means it can also be hosted on the clients website. The software is fully responsive even though it sits within an i-frame within the website. The rewards can either be a dedicated tab on the website or be a sub-domain eg: www.brand.com/rewards


Brands Have Full Access

Brands have full access to the back-end system where they can set up their rewards platforms and monitor all activities and actions.

Stats and Analytics

Get access to comprehensive statistics on user demographics as well as engagement statistics across the various platforms

Points Allocation

Set up your points allocation for all the various actions that users do within the platform. The brand gets to decide which actions get the most points and how many points a user needs to earn a prize.



Set up the prizes you want to give away in the platform. Brands can upload images of the reward and write a short description


See who your super fans are by seeing who has earned the most points. Brands can also export their user database at any time.


Although Social Rewards is our hero product, we have also developed other solutions which are centred around rewards and social media.

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